Account Based Marketing

Accelerate Profitable Business with a High Conversion Rate


By making your potential customers the focus of your marketing efforts, we help you expand at a faster rate than the competition. We use a structured approach to testing the efficacy of your marketing and the quality of your customer’s experiences.

A strategic growth driver can be established for the company through the use of an account-based approach. But, this is impossible without consistently prioritizing accounts, conducting research, making investments, actively engaging customers, and working together.

While account-based marketing (ABM) for businesses is efficient for managing marketing initiatives, it may be complex and time-consuming to implement and maintain. A number of potential sources of revenue leakage, database inconsistencies, manual process difficulties, and even fundamental human error contribute to this problem.

Such blunders can be avoided with the help of Intent Amplify’s Multi-channel Account-Based Marketing Services, which focus on identifying, developing relationships with, and converting Target Accounts into substantial income generators for your clients.

Benefits of Account Based Marketing

ABM is a targeted marketing strategy that focuses on personalized efforts to engage specific accounts and drive conversions. It can be an effective way to build strong, personalized relationships with key accounts and drive better results for a business.

Personalized Marketing

That generates, nurtures and converts leads

Better Sales Team Alignment

With existing market, potential buyers, and the brand building team

Shorter Sales

For sales pipeline acceleration and for clarifying pain points

Align your Marketing and Sales Teams and Amplify your Growth!

Intent Amplify’s ABM Strategy


By thoroughly understanding your strengths, solutions, and priorities, we will collaborate with you to develop buyer personas and determine the characteristics of high-value accounts to target.


We utilize market research and AI technology to gather valuable information on each target account, including their technology, pain points, growth potential, and focal points. This enables us to craft specific and relevant messaging for each account that aligns with the solutions our clients provide.


Our team employs various channels and tools to establish connections with your key accounts in a systematic way. We engage with your prospects in the platforms they are active on using strategies such as custom tweets, LinkedIn outreach, and sharing of pertinent assets, among others.


ABM requires consistency in communication across all platforms, including email, blogs, articles, eBooks, webinars, website, videos, etc. We will collaborate with you to develop highly relevant and tailored omnichannel messaging and content assets.


B2B purchasing often involves a prolonged sales cycle, high cost, and group decision-making, which ABM is well-suited to handle. By implementing strategic campaigns, we cultivate the prospects until the ideal moment arises, and when it does, you are the first provider the prospect contacts.


Unlike a conventional sales process, ABM takes time, but the outcome is worth the wait. The outcomes of the lead nurturing process result in highly qualified leads that fortify the pipeline. The conversions we drive from key accounts typically yield a much higher customer lifetime value.

Why Choose Us?

The Account-Based Marketing specialists at Intent Amplify assist you to focus on the most promising prospects for growing your business. We have learned everything there is to know about ABM, including the most effective strategies, tools, and procedures.

As far as sales acceleration and data-driven decision-making go, our ABM team is among the best in the business. With our years of experience and extensive network, our Account-Based Sales and Marketing departments are able to successfully complete any endeavor, irrespective of the scale across the globe.
Strategic Management/ Planning

A well-thought-out plan is crucial in Account-Based Marketing. Our consultants and strategists will help you design an ABM strategy and approach tailored to your specific needs.


Lead generation is skeptical, but lead maintenance is even more crucial. We develop Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns that nurture and engage qualified prospects for a long-term relationships.

Tech Assistance

Enhanced Technology that helps you set  yourself apart from your competitors. When it comes to Account-Based Marketing, our wide range of tools and technologies help in assuring the success of ABM campaigns.

Omnichannel Integration

More marketing channels equal greater opportunities. While ABM provides the highest ROI among B2B marketing, you can effortlessly target your accounts through our content syndication network using our digital, email, and telephone outreach.

Boost Your Pipeline With Prominent & Well-Linked Target Accounts.

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