Demand Generation

Selling Requires DEMAND, Create It!

The interest of consumers in brand-new offerings remains everlasting. As a result of our efforts, interest in our services has increased. Raising recognition of your company’s name will result in an increase in site traffic, which will in turn result in an increase in sales opportunities. Build the best-in-class leads and enlarge the opening of your marketing funnel with our assistance in creating a robust pipeline full of potential prospects.

Using omni channels and points of contact increases participation and provides opportunities for follow-up conversations. We plan the schedule, scope, and strategy to build a sustainable pipeline for you.

You can trust us to be your reliable business partner when it comes to developing a plan to increase your company’s revenue through increased demand. Don’t take our word for it, though; if you’d like to see proof of our claims in action, we’re happy to provide it.

Difference between Lead Generation & Demand Generation

For lack of clear definitions, the terms “demand generation” and “lead generation” rank among the most perplexing in the lexicon. Let’s have a look at an essential distinction between the two roles:


Lead Generation

The lead generation process advances past the first "awareness" stage and into the "interest" stage. In this context, every commercially distributed content is subject to conditions (read: info like email, phone, job, interest, etc). Customers with any degree of seriousness will willingly part away their data in exchange for exclusive, high-quality content. Succession quality is critical to the success of this campaign.

Demand Generation

On the contrary, the primary goal of demand generation is to significantly boost brand recognition and consumer familiarity. With this model, users aren't required to provide any identifying information in order to access the content (such as name, email address, employer, etc.). Successfully associating the brand with a concept and breaking into new markets requires producing and disseminating content tailored to each stage of the buyer's journey.

The Three Pillars Of Demand Generation:

At Intent Amplify, a leading B2B demand generation firm, we break down demand generation into three main pillars that serve as the foundation for every campaign we launch. While each campaign is designed to meet the unique requirements of its target audience, the word “guide” best describes this concept’s role. The following is a hypothetical breakdown of these pillars:

Generating Leads

Lead generation is the initial step in demand generation since you need people to pitch your approach to. For businesses, generating leads means attracting new clients and adding them to a sales database. Leads generated through a nurturing campaign can then be passed on to sales development for further processing and nurturing (through the sales funnel).

Demand Capture

With B2B demand generation, you can meet the needs of the market and attract new customers. To introduce your brand proposition and get prospects acquainted with how your solution will fulfill their wants or fix their problems, this tactic uses a wide range of lower funnel content, including paid search advertisements, SEO optimizations, and third-party intent data.

Pipeline Acceleration

You can speed up the sales process by using pipeline acceleration strategies after you've successfully generated or captured demand as opportunities. This can be as straightforward as engaging in conversation with prospective clients or developing highly targeted material that answers the problems your leads are facing and is appropriate for their current position in the sales funnel.

Why Choose Us?

There are many moving parts to a successful demand generation campaign. As a result, most agencies outsource, divide, and distribute their job, which leads to confusion and ultimately defeats the original objective.

We at Intent Amplify have the expertise in-house to execute efficient and fruitful demand-generation initiatives. If you need help with your campaign, we have the resources to provide them whenever needed. These resources include analysts, writers, SEO professionals, lead and sales generation experts.

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