Lead Generation Services

B2B Lead Generation requires volume and quality. You can now convert
more leads and spend less time on unproductive leads with Intent Amplify.

Top of the Funnel Lead Generation Services

In lead generation companies, a marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a potential customer who shows strong signs of becoming a paying customer. Their customary position in the sales process is at the very top.

We receive these inquiries via our B2B technology-focused website, Intenttechpub.com. The MQLs are found by keeping tabs on site visitors who download the whitepapers. One common method is to create a landing page specifically for their download. 

To learn more about the leads that have been discovered, an intent-based content syndication campaign is implemented. Lead behavior data is captured and analyzed with the aid of an AI-powered automation tool.

Lead generation
Lead Generation

Boost Your B2B Sales Flow with Real-Time Data

Lead nurturing is essential since it may improve the number of sales-qualified leads (SQL) by 50% and reduce the cost per lead by 35%. This shows how crucial it is to have a significant number of high-quality leads in your B2B database. Intent Amplify is a professional B2B lead generation service that knows how to find and cultivate only the highest-quality leads on a continuous and predictable basis, maximizing your return on investment. 

Intent Amplify is dedicated to providing lead generation as a service. We focus on expanding our network of high-quality connections since we believe this will improve the quality of the leads we generate. Our team eliminates the high-effort, low-results model of traditional marketing and replaces it with the low-risk, high-reward method of in-depth lead creation resulting in maximum ROI.

Effective Lead Nurturing Through B.A.N.T. Model

Our BANT Lead Generation service will help you filter out the unqualified prospects and zero in on the leads most likely to result in a successful BANT sales campaign. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we modify our BANT qualification procedure to meet the needs of each client..

We take great delight in providing our customers with up-to-date, correct information regarding BANT initiatives. Providing our customers with relevant, timely data is a priority for us. In order to ensure the highest standards, we have implemented a comprehensive quality assurance and BANT qualifying procedure that each BANT lead must go through before it is passed on to a sales development professional.