Deal Pipeline Enablement

Qualified Leads, Better Success Ratio, Forecasting Accuracy

Intent Amplify’s Deal Pipeline Enablement services assist businesses to eliminate forecasting uncertainty by engaging clients in a transparent, empathetic, and confident dialogue. Buyers are actively engaged in a problem-solving discourse throughout the deal pipeline enabling process. Each step of the purchase process is approved by the customer as the seller and buyer work together.

  • Every B2B salesperson should be able to QUALIFY– ENGAGE– ASSESS– PLAN, and ACQUIRE, the five most important discussions in the sales process.
  • Because SFDC’s sales funnel advancements are instrumented in response to verified activities, salespeople no longer have to manually shift deals between categories and stages.
Awareness, Evaluation, Decision

Automation of sales and marketing is the key to growth for B2B SaaS and technology enterprises.

Intent Amplify’s services for facilitating the pipeline of potential business opportunities help to coordinate the activities of your marketing and sales departments. We equip your entire team with the tools they need to interact with every lead, at any stage of the sales cycle, in a meaningful way that is backed by a deep familiarity with the lead’s specific pain points.

Via deal pipeline enablement, we’ll boost your business’s overall sales performance by making sure the correct information gets to the right people at the right time in the right place and format.

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