2023’s Top Video Advertising Trends

Social Media platforms are great options for organizations to generate more revenue. Organizations also stand out their brand in the market in a minimum time with the help of social media by creating engaging video content to attract consumers. Video advertising is done with help of various platforms but social media is best for video marketing.

In today’s competitive market, businesses have to optimize and learn about various new trends and implement some new strategies to make difference in this today’s market. For social media advertising, marketers have to review a particular targeted audience who is interested in watching videos regarding services and gather information about those services. 

“Businesses need to concentrate on creating brief visual content for social media platforms in order to engage more customers and stand out in the crowded market.”

For running a successful video marketing campaign, first of all, marketers have to analyze the proper captions as per guidelines and focus on the titles, tags, descriptions, keywords, subtitles, thumbnails, and proper hashtags for the video advertisement, and also focus on the allocation of proper budget for the video marketing.

According to Statista, around the world, 3.1 billion viewers are interested to view video content. but video advertising is not only the visuals only; it requires the relevant text content in visuals to grab market attention. There are some best trending ideas for video advertising are as follows.

1. Social Media Video Advertising 

Social media is where most video content is consumed. A growing number of people are using various social media sites like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other comparable platforms. According to estimates and statistics, brands are increasing their revenues by using social media platforms.

2. Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos are the most popular and trending advertising content among millennials. This video strategy is used to explain the products of the online store. The shoppable video shows product description, and information about the product and also has a product link in the description to the E-Commerce website.

3. Live Video Streaming

As more social media platforms support the live streaming of commercials, advertisers are keeping up with the times and placing more emphasis on this strategy.

This promotes bringing in fresh clientele. Customers want businesses to use live-streaming videos to give them brief product advice and information. To make visual content more relatable to the consumer, live-streaming is also used to pitch sales products.

4. OTT video advertising

Personalized content is becoming more prevalent on over-the-top (OTT) platforms, helping marketers connect with their target audience. OTT is making certain data access to track the most recent trends and gain a better understanding of the psychology of the viewers. Marketers are using AI and bots to help them pitch their brand videos to potential customers.

5. Short Videos

Short videos are trending among the platforms like Snap chat, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Videos. This is the best place for advertising, attracting new customers, and maintaining bonds with old ones. It is easy to promote their product on these platforms and reach the targeted audience.


In order to reach and target their intended audience and promote their goods or services, advertisers use personalized visual content. Use these trends in video marketing to your advantage to make the most of your content.

Influencer marketing on social media is essential for branded content to outperform its rivals. Similar to written content, using SEO for visual content is essential. For more effective marketing of goods and services, data optimization and interactive video production are essential.

Therefore, gain insight and adopt some of these trends to make sure that the advertising for your business is more effective than that of your rivals.

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