Enhancing the Product Experience: What B2B Marketers Need to Keep in Mind

Product experience also comprises the user journey with the product evolvement. From the user’s first login to his last move on the application one can conclude the interaction the customer has with the product.

B2B Marketing industry is focused more on the product experience as it helps businesses to deliver more output value to the clients in turn increasing their value for a lifetime. To achieve satisfied customers through product experience marketers need to game up product differentiation.

Along with marketing, B2B marketers have to balance the product experience in a way that it will educate and build trust amongst the customers and also nudge them through their journey i.e onboarding, product adaptation, expansion and growth, long-term retention etc.

If you want to boost your product experience keep reading and implement the following tips:

1) Efficient User Onboarding:

It is the first step towards improving the product experience.

What does this require?

Let’s start with an example: Suppose you buy product A and it needs assembling but for that, there is no relevant tutorial to help you solve your problem- This is an example of poor onboarding resulting in a loss of valued customers.

How can you improve it? -Use the following tips:

  • Know your customer and their needs.
  • Remove barriers to the “aha!” moment.
  • Go all-in on your brand.
  • Create a multichannel experience.
  • Tailor the experience to each user’s journey.
  • Measure success and treat user onboarding like an ongoing project.

2) Best-In-Class monitoring:

What are you doing to monitor your user progress? A very basic step that can be taken is by listening to them.

It’s either – being a cold machine with an unempathetic response or interactive feedback creating a cutting-edge experience. For instance,

  • Using feedback mechanisms efficiently to listen to your customers.
  • Analyze how personal or digital your brand is.
  • Monitoring your systems is done efficiently.

Brand should direct your customers in rightly. When it’s done correctly, the process is smooth.

3) Utilizing user Feedback:

You are all set on the correct path after generating client feedback, now it’s time to utilize them. There will always be something to be leveraged from the information gathered from the feedback, but the question would remain how efficiently are you using it to increase the value for customers?

Understanding the potential of the information gathered, the same should be put to use to increase the aspect of PX, and sometimes it can be challenging.

product experience

4) Let’s get ready for the users who are already educated about our services

Now let’s start dividing this point into three factors:

  • General Marketing Information: The analysis shows your services which users wanted in the market. Because we are confident that most of the users who are looking for the service/product are in search of the product with the help of informational content like articles, blogs, press releases, videos, etc this all is informational content as they give information about services/products which is helpful for the user to buy the service/product.
  • Information regarding specific product/service: Users can find specific product information on the platforms like knowledge base, open-source approaches, forums, reviews, and FAQ sections. This information regarding product or service experience is not helpful if they come from your customer experience team. This information is helpful if they come from product content surroundings like product reviews and FAQs.
  • Features & functions of the new products: If your user using your service/product they always want to discover the worth of the product/service in their lives. For this reason, you have to create maximum worth for your product/services if you fail to do this it is going to be difficult to achieve your retention objectives.

5) Consistent & Customized product info:

Imagine you set a level for the product and offer nothing as said, your KPIs will suffer for sure. Any information given to the user must be in line with the client’s experience.

6) Efforts to improve PX company-wide:

The internal team must be well-versed in the product fundamentals before it reaches out to the audience. This might consume time or may not but should be practiced for better results.

Wrapping Up:

When you improve user interaction with your product, you increase your chances of upselling and upgrading when appropriate.

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