What makes Intent Amplify the Top Choice in B2B Marketing ?

The last few years have seen the commoditization of B2B marketing agencies leaving the marketers overwhelmed with a sea of choices. While the options may give you the illusion of power, they also come with a price – the time spent determining which agency to even start talking with. And, in the B2B industry, the value of time can’t be emphasized enough. 

Every B2B marketer out there comes with a standard toolkit – a website that boasts of awards and recognition, customer testimonials and case studies, a social media presence on all the crucial platforms, and a team that hunts for leads and connects with them. While references are one thing you can perhaps rely on, how do you determine and identify the right B2B marketing agency for yourself? We are here to answer this question. 

This slightly self-aggrandizing article (at least we are being honest to admit it) will be all about making us, i.e. Intent Amplify, your preferred B2B marketing company and we will support it with solid statements. 

At the end of it, you will either make a choice or have one choice less from your list of choices!

Finding the right agency for your B2B marketing requirements

There must be at least 9000 (hypothetically) odd marketing agencies in North America alone, you are going to only view some of them just by swiping right on the right one. So how do you play smart? Well, it’s not a one-step process so let’s go through each action one by one.

1. Define Your Dreams (and Marketing Goals):

What’s your business aiming for? Lead generation? Brand awareness? Involve your team to nail down key focus areas and desired outcomes.

2. Expertise Check:

Look for agencies who’ve already mastered your industry or marketing channels. Their website, social media, and even independent reviews can reveal what they’re good at.

3. Values Vibe Check:

Choose an agency whose approach aligns with your business. Are they innovative and bold, or data-driven and strategic? Their website copy and reviews can offer some clues.

4. Portfolio Peek:

Check out their previous work and results. Case studies are like dating profiles – they show you their best angles and successes.

5. Ask Around:

See what past clients say on platforms like Clutch. Are they singing love songs or writing angry breakup blogs?

6. Communication Compatibility:

Make sure they keep you in the loop and value your input. A good B2B agency is like a chatty best friend who tells you everything (and listens back).

7. Money Matters:

Understand their pricing and contract terms. No hidden fees allowed! Choose an agency whose offer suits your budget and goals.

8. First Date Jitters? Schedule a Consultation:

Meet face-to-face, address any doubts, and see if the spark exists. After all, this could be a long-term relationship.

By following these steps, you’ll avoid B2B agency heartbreaks and find the perfect partner to amplify your brand’s voice and conquer your business goals!

5 Questions That Will Reveal To You Your Ideal B2B Marketer

Let’s say you have shortlisted a few agencies based on the above criteria and now you have a reasonable number of options so you start with evaluating one of them. This allows you to better understand your partner, clarify your doubts, and test the waters before you commit to this relationship. Consider attributes like capability, approach, compatibility, experience & expertise in your industry, pricing, and so on. By asking the right questions, you let the B2B marketer know that you know what you want. Let’s look at each question in detail to ask during the consultation process.

1. Do they possess relevant industry experience?

Hiring a B2B agency is like inviting a guest to your industry party – you want someone who knows the lingo, understands the vibe, and can break the ice with your specific challenges. So, ditch the awkward small talk and prioritize agencies with industry-specific expertise. 

Here’s what to look for:

You can begin by inquiring into their history with other B2B clients – a diverse portfolio is great but look for industries and issues similar to yours. If the agency claims to have a good understanding of your industry, you can test them by asking about the current state of affairs and trends ruling the industry. If this qualifying criteria seems too harsh, you can perhaps settle for case studies that could matter to your business. 

2. Can They Crack Your Growth Code?

Forget cookie-cutter campaigns! Your B2B marketing deserves a bespoke strategy that fuels your business like a rocket engine. So, how do you spot an agency that can craft the perfect plan? 

Here’s what to look for:

A strong agency will dive deep into your business and uncover your goals, audiences, and industry landscape. They will do so to ensure that they have a well-crafted and customized plan for your exact needs. 

A seasoned B2B company like us will not need to sweat it out to understand your ideal customers and identify your competitors. We see to it that our marketing campaigns are based on real, crunchable data. Our data-driven decision-making ensures you get results that are accountable, justifiable, and adjustable. 

3. Do they talk about ROI?

So, your B2B campaigns are out there in the wild, but are they bringing home the meal? To find out, you need metrics that speak your language, not some gibberish about clicks and likes. This is where understanding an agency’s approach to campaign success and ROI comes in.

Here’s what to look for:

An easy way to find out whether your shortlisted B2B marketer is a good fit for your business is when they speak your lingo and understand your words. At Intent Amplify, our aim is just that.  

We understand your goals whether it be leads, sales, or brand awareness, and we become your data ninjas using our analytics tools to uncover insights, spot trends, and optimize your campaigns like a well-oiled machine. We believe in translating all that marketing mumbo jumbo into cold, hard cash! 

4. Unveiling an Agency’s B2B Targeting Prowess

B2B marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s all about hitting the bullseye with every persona in your audience. So, when picking an agency, you need to find the persona whisperers who can make each segment feel like the star of the show. 

Here’s what to look for:

An ideal B2B marketing agency will be able to paint vivid portraits of your audience, down to their deepest pain points and desires. No generic personas here! Their messaging should be unique voices that talk to each persona, speaking their language and addressing their specific needs – acting as translators for the soul of your B2B audience. 

We know where your personas hang out online, from LinkedIn’s professional jungle to Twitter’s meme-filled savannah –  We can target them with laser precision across the right channels. Our campaigns are more than just pretty pixels, we can track KPIs that fuel your business and show you how each persona journey can result in the desired ROI.

5. Finding an Agency Who Sings Your Communication Tune

Let’s face it, B2B marketing is a team sport. You bring the business brilliance, they bring the marketing magic. But for this dream team to score, communication and collaboration are key. So, how do you spot an agency that walks the talk, not just talks the walk?

Here’s what to look for:

Find the agency that speaks your language, whether it’s emojis and GIFs or formal reports and spreadsheets. 

At Intent Amplify, we won’t leave you hanging in the dark. We present data in clear dashboards, regular reports, and explanations that don’t require a marketing degree to understand. You’re not just paying for an agency’s expertise, you’re sharing your brainpower too. So look for an agency that values your input and integrates your feedback into their strategies. This isn’t a one-man show, it’s a B2B marketing duet! We won’t hide behind buzzwords and vague promises but rather be open and honest about progress, challenges, and results. 

Remember, B2B marketing shouldn’t be a game of telephone. Find the agency that sings your communication tune, celebrates collaboration, and makes you feel like a true partner, not just a client. With open communication and transparency as your soundtrack, your B2B marketing masterpiece will be a chart-topping success!

The Right B2B Company Will Uplift Your Business

Discovering the perfect B2B marketing agency that aligns seamlessly with your objectives should be a transformative experience. This collaboration has the potential to propel your business to unprecedented heights, surpass competitors, and foster either sales growth or heightened brand awareness. Keep in mind that your business possesses unique attributes, necessitating a team that comprehends and values your specific needs, insights, and feedback.

Embrace the potency of forging a strategic partnership with Intent Amplify – the marketing agency capable of authentically contributing to your business’s prosperity.

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